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Yoga in Nature

Body Wise Means Connecting With Your Body & Transforming Your Life

Hi! I am Nicole Hope
Wellbeing & Life Alignment Guide
Intuitive Healing Guide 

I help support people so they can improve their daily

life by finding relief from:

Stress & Anxiety

Poor Sleep

Pain & Physical Discomfort

My job is to help clients find out what is keeping them from feeling good, mentally or physically so that they can take agency in healing and transforming their minds, bodies and lives. It's a beautiful process addressing the highly overlooked aspect of ourselves... the body's wisdom. 

And the work is SIMPLE, FAST & FUN because Amusement speeds up the shifting and healing process!


"Thanks! Seriously, you’re a miracle worker. You have had such a huge part in my life from when I was depressed to now. I’ve only made this turn because now I have someone like you in my life!"

Anxiety Management Client - After Only 1 Session

Buddha Statue

Body - Mind Connection Reimagined

Honor your Temple (aka: your body)

If you have tried to think or talk your way to a more consistently calm life and have not found long term relief here's why...

Because your body is the boss of your life.

Your body is constantly talking (aka, sending signals to your brain) about what it needs to help you survive and thrive. That talk sounds like emotions, pain, anxiousness, stomach aches, outbursts, the feeling of the need to run away... etc. 

If your body has lived in a space where it always thinks that something bad is going to happen again and again, it will not stop talking. Even when your brain tells it that everything is ok.

You have to calm the body to quiet the mind and gain back control of your life. You have to guide your body towards recognizing that everything is ok through movement, stretching, meditation and visualization. 

When the body feels safe and relaxed you get to start living your best life again. You have to work WITH your body to have a happy life.  I help people rebuild their relationship with their body so they can feel good again.

I intuitively connect with my client's body help them figure out what is wrong and how to take agency in healing themselves so they can live empowered lives!

The quality of our relationship with ourself defines the quality of our health and wellbeing. Finding balance in our external world and within the body creates a space for healing, happiness, growth and fulfillment.

Nature Remedy

Nature is a powerful natural healer. Parts of our bodies are the same as those furry little fellas that you see running around outside. Meaning, that our nervous system which is designed to be outside running around feels most at home in nature.

There are countless studies that speak to calming effects nature has on the body. Relaxing heart rate and breathing, clearing the mind and ultimately de-stressing the body. 

I take groups and individual clients into nature so that the movement (walking- also a powerful body relaxer) and nature combined can offer a more effective and quicker life healing response. Life is experiential and our bodies want to experience the healing, calming qualities of nature. 


Join me for a class or session. Book a call to discover which experience will help you best or keep subscribe to my newsletter for upcoming nature wanders.

Mountain Path


With a background rooted in trauma and shame I have struggled my whole life with a lot of the mental health issues that go with those. Including but not limited to, debilitating anxiety, crippling insecurity and a complete lack of self worth.


I had been in talk therapy on and off again since childhood and whereas it was comforting to know I always had someone who cared and listened, I never felt any real healing or progress. I was staying afloat but my boat was always still sinking unless I was actively pouring water out. I had resolved that because of my trauma, that was just how my life was going to be. I was grateful to have come as far as I did and had just accepted that I was going to stay slightly broken forever, that it wasn't my lot in life to have true joy.

Once I met Nicole all of that changed. With her gift and intuition she was able to help me to get at the hole in my boat and teach me how to patch it. I live my life with a kind of weightlessness that I have never experienced before. Were there some rough waters and patchy storms getting here over these last few months? Heck yes there were!


But Nicole was there the whole time as my guide and support, giving me the strength and the knowing that there was a rainbow on the other side of that storm. Is life still hard sometimes? Yup, that is life.


The hard will never go away, but thanks to Nicole's love I have tools and access to an inner power that I never had before. : )

~ June

Let's Work Together

“Balance is not something you find, it's something you create.” ~Jana Kingsford

White Plants





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