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My Intuitive Skills And Practices

Kinda Like Magic

I have been trained in many different spiritual modalities. Below are those that I find are the most effective and fun. Please email me with any further questions about the methods I utilize.

Image by Edz Norton

Intuitive Body Readings

This is a beautiful approach to discovering underlying stuck emotions or limiting beliefs in the body. 

In this process after finding the most important information for my client, I guide them through a somatic clearing process of release so that they may find faster healing, emotional relief or growth. Most important they foster a more connected relationship with their body.

Oracle Cards & Tarot

Many people are familiar with Tarot cards and Oracle cards offer the same value of information. 

Both practices create a space for guidance of next steps in specific situations or in life, by providing insightful information about a subject or encouraging an alternative perspective to a situation for improved courses of action.

Image by Edz Norton
Image by Nastya Dulhiier

Functional Human Design

 A Human Design Report can be a very elaborate and in depth, I have found that there are some key markers to look for that provide the most amount of information for taking aligned action in my clients' lives.

In that order, I intuit the most important information for my clients to hear, that will help them find the most progress and improvement in their career, relationships and finding their purpose for more daily joy and life fulfillment.

Channeled Guided Visualizations

This is a powerful, self-healing guided, visualization journey that I take my clients on to heal disconnections between mind & body. In this process I intuit dreamlike stories that my clients get to use to take action in their visualizations and reset their beliefs. Think of it like a Choose Your Own Adventure book where the client becomes the superhero of their own inner world

and in turn, their life.


Often these options are provided in 1to1 settings, however, many can be done in small groups as well as larger group or corporate settings. Please inquire about more details by clicking HERE

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