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Meet Nicole Hope

Nicole out in the woods smiling

"Happiness is a clue that you are aligned with your personal path.  Thus, happiness is the point and the path." - me

I believe that we are all here to grow through our experiences. To try to understand what it is to connect in love and appreciation for life, for nature and for the people we are entwined with.  

I did not always see life this way. I saw it as a space for anxiety, fear, perfectionism and control. Until my late 30's I carefully crafted a precise, traditional way of living that matched societal norm and what I believed the people around me expected from me. And though it wasn't horrible. It also wasn't me and I found myself wildly depressed, confused and lost. 

Through years of practicing mindfulness, connecting with nature, reframing my relationships, choosing new perspectives of my life and deepening my connection with my-self, I was able to heal from years of anxiety and depression. To understand and embody self love. To recognize my purpose. To show up for people in a way to guide them towards their own healing and midlife shifts.

I now understand that during life we have far more choices than we believe we do. We have a truth within that we are trained to ignore, thus searching externally for ways to create a better life. It is our responsibility to ourselves to do the work to connect more deeply with our inner truth.


In doing so we heal, grow and ultimately get the opportunity to enjoy our time here more because it is aligned with a deeper knowing. Not because life suddenly becomes perfect, but because the ease and joy of life comes from recognizing the value and learning in every moment; whether it's a tough lesson or beautiful, awe inspiring experience.

But... we have to have enough understanding and connection with ourselves to grow, evolve and be inspired to align ourselves with a satisfying and happy life. I can help you fast track that understanding of yourself and connect you more with your body so you can get the most out of every day and out of the rest of your life.

My training:  Certified Intuitive Life Coach (Atmana), Certified Mindfulness Life Coach (Udemy), Intuitive Reader Graduate (Intuitive Way), Emotional Intelligence Trained (Goleman EI), Emotion Code Trained (Discover Healing) Intuitive Medicine Trained (Deborah King -in progress), Somatic Therapy (Training - Linda Thai) Group-ex instructor (AFAA certified), UC Environmental StewardProfessional Artist, Adventure Consultant, Self-trained Nature Wanderer & Guide, mountain biker, cyclist, photographer, rock climber and overall lover of outdoor adventure!


We all deserve to wake up feeling good and enthusiastic about the coming day. I believe that having a deep connection with our physical body and nature opens the gateway to more life enjoyment. It can aid our relationships, our careers and all life dynamics. I also believe that it is our responsibility to ourselves and others to do the work so we can live happy lives so that we can share that joy in a ripple effect to others. And finally, I believe we all need personalized support that comes without judgement so that we can improve our understanding of self and truly make progress in many aspects of our lives.


       To offer my clients support, guidance and resources so they can remove old beliefs and stories and discover who they truly are. Through emotional body healing, somatic connection and honing mindfulness practices and emotional awareness skills my clients gain clarity and confidence so they can take control in designing a meaningful, satisfying and joy-FULL life. In addition, I will help them minimize stress and worry with personalized tools to manage anxiety and go about daily life with more ease.

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