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It is always important to see if other people's experiences can help you see if my work is aligned for you. Please take a look through insights from past and current clients.


Nicole helped me navigate a really tough spot in my life. She is insightful , caring and is able to help remove emotion from facts to help me see not only different perspectives for a given situation but for myself in general.


I just had an amazing session with Nicole. After her session I felt a sense of calmness and renewal in my energy. I am so grateful to her for her gifts and compassion.  My healing with her was a wonderful and fun experience.


Nicole came to my rescue when my anxieties got the better of me.  I’m forever grateful for her help.


Nicole opens you  to trying new experiences that bring you closer to ultimate self understanding.


Nicole helped me stay accountable to myself to reach some personal goals. She gave me helpful tools, like books to read, podcasts to listen to, and connected me with helpful easy to access advice on Instagram, of all places.  I am so thankful that Nicole helped me move closer towards being confident with who I am and how I go through life.  As I move closer to retirement from a career that I have loved, Nicole gave me some concrete ideas on how to transition through this big change.  She  met with my husband as well, who is also working on figuring out just who he is after he retires from a fulfilling career.

One of my favorite things about meeting with Nicole is that occasionally we could meet while hiking around somewhere beautiful together.  I look forward to future insightful hikes with her in the future.

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