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Mindfulness & Self-Awareness Development

Developing mindfulness techniques can teach you how to be present in the moment and minimize your daily stress while increasing your joy, promoting positive  progress and speed up healing. As you improve your ability to be present you will be able check in with your emotions better and manage your responses to life's obstacles. This skill is very important in creating a more joy-full life and one that allows you to experience life in all of its greatness. 

Somatic Personal Training

Honing the mind-body connection is essential to health, happiness and life fulfillment. Our bodies are our temples and they are also our teammates in the game of life. Unfortunately so many people are disconnected from their bodies, as culturally we try to fix what's external before addressing internal matters.
I help people find themselves by connecting with themselves through visualization and somatic sensing. In that reconnection clients recognize the personal power they have every day. 
The easeful path is paved by a harmonious mind and body.

Lotus Flower
Forest Path
Forest Path

My first choice is to meet with clients in natural settings. Fresh air, greenery and movement present the perfect surroundings for engaged, thoughtful discussion. Many studies reveal that nature has the capacity to heal you mentally and physically.  I can teach you how to be present in nature as a powerful and effective way  to improve your overall wellbeing. Being in the outdoors provides a natural space for increase of physical relaxation and mental wellbeing.


Learning to take care of yourself mentally, physically and emotionally is essential to wholehearted living. What's right for you body, mind and soul is personal. Through open discussion and a daily life check, I will help you create a plan to be sure you are taking care of you. Because remember you are worthy of your own attention and care and we can't take care of others if we are not doing well ourselves. 

Notebook and Pen

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