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Getting High off Your Own Supply - Tap into your inner Joy

Can you think of that sweet, sweet high you get when someone tells you that you have done well? It’s like a buzz that wakes you up and gets you happy. Sound familiar?

Yes? Because external validation is like a drug. ; )

As humans it is so easy to get caught up looking for someone else to validate who we are, how we are, how we look, what we have accomplished, whether we are good or not, the list is endless.

I have lived in that space of constantly needing other people to tell me I am enough… good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, smart enough, working enough, relaxing enough, artistic enough, trying enough… again, easy to find yourself in the never ending list of wanting to be seen and heard and loved and appreciated enough by others.

The problem is that external validation itself is not enough.

No matter what people have said to me about my skills, my knowledge, my looks, it felt good in the moment, reeeeaaallly good. Because it always feels good in the moment. But just like any drug, that “high” wore off and I would find myself back at square one, trying to be acknowledged and validated. AKA - jonesin’ for another hit of praise.

 A women a good vibes shirt and feeling good
Good Vibes Only

Many, many people live in that place of feeling like they are not ________ enough (you fill in the blank). Hoping to do or be or change enough that someone will notice and validate them again so that they can feel good about themselves.

But it is the last part that matters most…you feeling good about yourself. You are the only one who’s opinions, thoughts and validations count. YOUR positive self-views are like your own personal drug that has the capacity to keep you High (your vibe) and Happy!

It has taken me years of research and meditation and self-awareness and self-love to figure this out and experience it first hand. But it is sooo worth it.

I can wake up now and immediately enjoy my own praise and support, enough to get into a High Vibe, enough to be genuinely happy day to day. (There are still down days of course, but much fewer and farther between.)

The point? You are worth finding tools to help you love yourself, appreciate yourself and validate yourself more and better.

Because life happiness all comes down to what you say, think and believe….. about yourself. Your own formulaically proven, personal drug.

Believe me that if you think you can’t it’s just because you haven’t found your personalized happy formula yet. It’s out there, and if you want, I can help discover it.

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