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Your Sacred Space- A Calming Place

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

"Peace is always right here. You just have to create space for it." Carol Tuttle

I have a special request for you... consider making a Sacred Space in your house. What is a sacred space, you might be asking. Think of it as a special place where you can sit quietly for five minutes (or more) each day to reflect on gratitude, your intentions, and cultivation of your

inner life. I am not sure about you, but I I need a space that is guaranteed to give me comfort when I land there.

The beauty of creating a sacred space is that you design a spot to become a place that gives you instant calm and relaxation. I don't have a very big house so a couple of years ago I got creative and set up a huge sacred space in my back yard. I called it a "Zent" because it was a tent that I filled it with pillows and pictures, candles and twinkle lights. I smudged it with sage and played relaxing music when I went in it. It was a space only for me, though I shared it with my family to practice meditating and sharing intentions.

Truthfully I could sit in that Zent and immediately become grounded and relaxed and feel as though I had my own space and energy around me. It was glorious and necessary. Sadly my first Zent was flooded and kinda ruined by the early storms of 2021.

This summer I built a new Zent. New and improved since I went from a 4 person tent to a 6, BIG TIME! Now I am not saying go buy a tent (though I don't think it's a bad idea given the current situation, lol, it's definitely a way to get space away from the hustle and bustle of the main house). What I am saying is that you could find a special chair or location in your house that you can make sacred for you. Perhaps a seat by the window that you can make extra comfy with a soft blanket and squishy pillow.

You might consider placing some decorations, books or sacred photos near by. Perhaps you have an indoor plant that would make that spot even more relaxing, live plants are amazing for the body, mind and spirit. If you have a diffuser or some essential oils you could add that to this space as well. Anything that brings you calm and allows you to turn inward.

A sacred space is important because it can give you some energetic distance when daily life doesn't allow a lot of physical distance. It allows you escape from clutter and chaos in other parts of the house because sometimes we just can't throw everything away. It can also provide you a place to get truly grounded and do your meditations. So go, find that space and make it yours!

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