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The Daring to Dabble Podcast

Welcome to Daring to Dabble where we encourage our listeners to break out of the boredom box and live a fun and satisfying life! Nicole Hope and Elise are notorious for running off and trying new things and coming back home to people who look at them with a wide-eyed expression of shock, and say, “You did what?!”. From solo adventuring down dirt roads to dipping into natural hot springs alone in the dark, your dabbling duck hosts dare to express themselves in various ways. This podcast is about acknowledging that shifts occur all throughout life. It’s about recognizing and honoring that feeling inside you that you're not living your best life and it’s about choosing to be brave and try new things, so that you can figure out what brings you the most joy and satisfaction. Our goal is to offer many different life perspectives, approaches and adventures for you to consider. We know that some will stick and some will not as you explore through trial and error what feels good to your unique self. Along the way we will have some fun, learn about life and hopefully have an aha moment or 2.


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