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Tired, Stressed, and Confused? Your Body Might Have the Answers. (Free Guide Inside!)

I would be stoked go by an Animal's To-Do List. It would be such a simple and clear way to live.

Why? Because animals are only listening to their bodies. Their body says it's hungry, the animal looks for food. Their body is cold, the animal looks for a warm, sunny rock. They're thirsty, time for the animal to find a stream.

Not humans though. We don't listen, we are too busy doing. So busy in our external world that we often ignore our bodily needs. Definitely too busy to notice that tension here or that discomfort there.

Those little whispers from the body that are telling us that we have some internal work to do. Like, "Psst slow down, take a break and breathe or go for a walk." Or , "I don't think it is a great idea for you to eat that last piece of cake". And sometimes, "The emotions you are holding onto are getting pretty crowded in here, maybe you should yell or cry."

But humans, we ignore the whispers for many different reasons, until the body starts to yell.

Yep. Pain my friends. Our body is letting us know that we are going to blow. Either illness, extreme fatigue or maybe a screaming, uncontrollable outburst. All signs that the body needs us to start listening to its messages.

The funny thing, really quite curious, is that we humans can't figure it out. "Why am I so tired?". "How did I get so sick?" "I am so embarrassed that I lashed out like that, I don't know where that came from." or my favorite because it was (and sometimes still is my go to) "Why am I always so anxious?" Hmmmmmmm.

I understand why we have adopted this lifestyle, it is that we are raised to try to always find answers and control everything outside of our Self and as a result we have almost no relationship with the solutions and directions that we can get from our own truth or Self.

But are animals after all. And animals in the wild aren't always trying to fix, change and manipulate their external circumstances. They just know they need food, water, shelter and to find a mate to procreate.

And because we are animals too, our bodies, those wondrous, self-propelling machines, have intelligence and information that we don't pay attention to.

So we weren't taught to listen but that's ok because guess can start listening right now.

You can listen to your Body Wisdom. Information that let's you know what your personal body needs to feel better, to heal, to let go of past junk, to move forward on a more aligned path, to be able to connect with the good in your life and find balance within and without.

But you have to choose to listen. And it might be uncomfortable and/or confusing at first.

But listening to your Body's personalized, just for you information is essential to your health, your happiness and your life.

I invite you to start listening. Get curious about what you can learn from your Self (body included).

If you need a little guided practice tryout my Free Morning Practice - which guides you through connecting with yourself in the morning to have a more successful, enjoyable and satisfying day. Download the Free Guide HERE

Or if you want more support to reconnect after all of these years of not listening (it's ok)

I am looking for 5 women who want more life balance and emotional balance to join my small group for support and guidance. If your body is yelling for help then DM me and we can connect. Email me here:

You can heal your life if you listen to your Body Wisdom. Try it for the day, what do you have to lose. Because remember, you are just a beautiful, magnificent, highly intelligent, lovable animal after all.

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