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Friday, July 12th @ 7p.m. at Inside Out Spa & Wellness Center

Body Wise

Channeled Guided Visualization with Nicole Hope

The Experience...

An essential step in healing your body as well as aligning yourself with your desires is to create a deep connection to and relationship with your body. 

This guided visualization is the fast track towards fostering that relationship.

We will gather in the Halosalt Room at Inside Out and through some harmonic breathing and grounding practices you will experience a guided journey within. Along this journey you will have the opportunity to relax more deeply into your body. Find relief from daily stressors. Explore your energy and emotions so that you can release discomfort and find more space inside yourself.

You will find by the end of the practice that you have a more empowered view of your life, a calmer and more relaxed body and a smile of satisfaction and appreciation for our time together. 

And you will sleep really well that night too!!

Sign up and experience inner peace

We are looking forward to sharing time, space and inner peace with you. Click the button below to reserve your spot. There are only 5 available seats. $25 investment in you. : )

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